Kafu FIFA21 FUT 7

18 Jan
time Mon 11:15 AM - Wed 11:15 AM
Kafu FIFA21 FUT 7

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• 1st and 2nd place

• Winners living in Saudi Arabia will receive gift cards from Jarir Bookstore

• Winners living outside Saudi Arabia will receive gift cards from Amazon, PSN or other providers


• PS4


• Players must play on PlayStation only

• Gameplay is only in Ultimate team mode

• Your opponent's PlayStation account is on the tournament table

• The score will be with one match only

• Match should be played at a specified time that is aligned with the tournament schedule. It is possible to play before the specified time if both parties agree

• When no specific time is agreed upon, the game will be played on the official date set by the organizers

• In the event that more than one game is played, the result of the last game played will be the one calculated

• The season results must be photographed between the two parties

• If the connection is lost and the result is equivalent, the match is calculated 3-0 for the other party

• If the connection is lost on the losing end, the score is calculated 3-0 for the other party

• If the winning party disconnects, the match is repeated again with a score of 0-0

• The competitors communicate by PlayStation only

• The player's name must match the one in the table

• In the event when no result is transmitted by both parties, one of them will randomly qualify


• It is forbidden to play with players on loan

• It is prohibited to use training cards to increase the players energies

• It is forbidden to play with a different account than the one registered and must be identical

• Difference of a letter, number or symbol means that the account is different and the opponent has the right to refuse to play

• It is forbidden to submit scores 15 minutes before the match start time

• Players who are late for more than 15 minutes will be disqualified

• If the opponent declines your invite for a match, you must submit a screenshot as proof. If the opponent denies this claim, they will be banned


• Login to Kafu Games & go to “My Tournaments”

• Select your Tournament

• Click on the “Matches” tab

• Click on “Submit Scores”

• Enter your score, upload the screenshot and click “Done”

• Submitting the score will be available after 15 minutes of your match time for 35 minutes

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Time & Date

Starts: 18-Jan-21 11:15 AM

Ends: 31-Mar-21 11:15 AM

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Singles & Families

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