Movie Night/Kid Cinema

03 Oct
time Thu 06:00 PM - Thu 08:00 PM
Movie Night/Kid Cinema

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Movies affects an individual powerfully because the combined impact of images, music,
dialogue, lighting, sound and special effects can elicit deep feelings and help on reflecting a
person's life. It can help a child to better understand their life and people, and how our society
and culture operate with the help of our Physiotherapist on the post movie discussion
The aim of this Workshop is:
We aim to expose your child to a series of funny educational movies that initiates self-
developing discussionsThis Workshop includes:
 Screening a movie.
 Post-movie analysis with one of our psychotherapist team.
 20%off yummy kid’s meal at Mykonos restaurant.
 Post-fun activity.

  • Attendance for kids is from ages 5 to 15

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Andalusia Clinics for kids wellness See map


Time & Date

Starts: 03-Oct-19 06:00 PM

Ends: 03-Oct-19 08:00 PM

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