Saudi National Day Tournament Powered by iPhady

16 Sep
time Wed 01:50 PM - Sun 01:50 PM
Saudi National Day Tournament Powered by iPhady

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Players in semi-finals and final will have to stream their matches in order to play the game.

The preferred payment option is via Paypal, or a bank account if you are a resident in Saudi Arabia

If you got neither of the previous options, you will receive your reward as a voucher from iPhady store


  • Sennheiser GSP 670 premium headsets

  • XPG PRECOG headset.

  • 3SX8200 Pro 256GB. SSD

  • XPG SUMMONER keyboard.


  • 50$ steam card.

  • 50$ Xbox card.

  • 50$ PlayStation card.

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Please contact the Tournament Organizer for any questions and issues regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, and more.




● PS4

● PC

● Xbox one




● Creative mode – Box Fight 2vs2

● Use Code map :7620-0771-9529


● Single elimination



• Players can play on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

• Communication between players is through the Epic Games account only

• Player must be on the Middle East server

• Players can play on another server if the two teams agree

• Winner will be the team with the first 3 rounds to win

• In the event that there is a problem in the "Respawning" for one of the players the round will be repeated

• The opponent's waiting time is 10 minutes from the time the match was created

• No party has the right to score 10 minutes before the match is played

• Any party has the right to score the result if the competitor does not respond after the end of the specified time

• It's necessary to upload screenshots while adding the results to show victory

• Players late for more than 10 minutes will be disqualified

• If the opponent declines your invite for a match, you must submit a screenshot as proof. If the opponent denies this claim, they will be banned

If your Epic ID has a special character, it is your responsibility to contact your opponent especially if they are on console



• Login to Kafu Games & go to “My Tournaments”

• Select your Tournament

• Click on the “Matches” tab

• Click on “Submit Scores”

• Enter your score, upload the screenshot and click “Done”

• Submitting the score will be available after 15 minutes of your match time for 35 minutes

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Time & Date

Starts: 16-Sep-20 01:50 PM

Ends: 31-Jan-21 01:50 PM

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Singles & Families

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